7 Cách Kiểm Tra Mái Hiên Đã Được Lắp Đúng Cách Hay Chưa?

Awning is a piece of sheet both made of cloth or other water proof fabric and is used so that it keeps the place underneath it cooler. Before the advent of air conditioners and air coolers, awning was a feasible option to keep the temperature of the house down by a few degrees. Many restaurants still count on awning to adorn their eating place under the sun. Awning is also used many commercial buildings during reception and birthday parties. Awning Installing Restaurants in many parts of the world use awning to increase their diner’s intake. The advantage being that the people looking to enjoy their food under the sun can walk up to them. Awnings were of great use and utility during military especially during Civil War. Several photographs show the use of awning for building camps and rest places. They can also be used as great marketing tools if they have names of promotional things on it. Thermal solar panels can also be successfully covered under awning. In its early use awning was made of timber and iron cast posts. With changing times, awnings are made of materials such as acrylic, vinyl laminate, polyester fabric. Apart from saving from heat and rainfall, it also protects furniture and hardwood from sun and water. Since the nineteenth century awnings have been an ideal form of canopy for every outdoor outing in the early and late nineteenth century. Still in developmental stage, they were made of finely woven cotton. Another great material was the canvas duck. The later half of the nineteenth century saw the emergence of operable awnings that could be folded and protected from wind gusts. With increasing demand and popularity, awnings are prepared for window protections as well. Various design and patterns of awnings are Retraceable patio, window awning and porch awning to name a few. Retractable awnings can be controlled manually as well as by the use of motor. Some of the costlier retractable awnings have wind sensors which enable them to fold in case of sudden storm or rain. Retractable awnings are also known give the feel of an outdoor room as it is water proof. There is a Beaufort scale that measures the level of wind. The most suitable level of of retractable awning in Beaufort scale is 10 i.e. 55 to 65 mph. Window awnings come in traditional and the style which is in vogue. Awnings with side give protection to the windows sideways whereas drop arm awnings can be retraced from indoors. Aluminum awning is another great and popular option for those looking for a dip in their house temperature by at least 20 degrees. They are most suited for residential buildings and come in many colors. They can be either enamel or bake painted. As any other awning, aluminum awning too can protect wooden furniture, keep the patio area protected from sun. This type of awning is quite popular around the world and used by millions of people for its look and sturdiness. But one of the major hitches has always been the installation of awning. Most of the people who buy awning in haste fail to look into the fact that its installation has certain things that need prior attention. Through these 7 ways they can surely check if their awning is installed properly. Awning Installing 1. Weight and check Let’s face it. Awning weighs quite a lot for a single person carry and move around the place of installation. For example a retractable awning can weigh up to ten pounds per foot. Hence it should be made certain the installation area does not have points of air ventilation, lighting points or holders. Also the bigger awnings need higher number of brackets. So having the right number of bracket at the right point is the first indicator of awning’s successful installation. 2. If the mounting brackets support the weight of the awning then one may consider the installation of awning successful. In case of awning installed on roof, they are attached to roof trusses. The awnings should be firm and steady if the trusses are well fastened. For those wanting extra caution, they may use specially made angled brackets. 3. Another important factor is the pitch or the height of drop of the awning that has to be calculated.  If the drop of the awning is exactly the same as depicted in the manufacturer catalogue, the awning is going to look good and attractive. 4. Window awnings are good for those looking for air conditioned comfort at home.  But a window awning should never compromise on security. A difficult parameter in conventional norms but still has to be successful whatsoever. Also in case of retractable patio awning if the reading Beaufort scale should be 10, it should be considered accurate. 5. The projection length is as important as the height of awning.  One may say the awning is successfully installed only when it extends to the desired length of requirement without disturbing or getting stretched from the angled brackets. Some manufacturer advice purchasing awning of the same size of requirement. However size might vary a little compared to requirement, hence it will not be correct every time. 6. Awning is as much about cleaning as protection from rain and heat.  Therefore, after a successful and complete installation of awning there will have to be enough space for clearance. Chances are that rain water has to be drained out after heavy rainfall. A well set up awning won’t hamper that process. 7. In case of retractable lateral arm awning, the torsion bar holds good for the tension bar.  Awnings with sides are supposed to provide best protection in east and west facing windows, so they must serve this purpose as opposed to the awnings without sides that work best in North South direction. Awnings operated with motor or hand cranks are also a popular option. But it is the non mechanized variant of awning that should be preferred. Research shows that awnings can reduce the temperature up to twenty degrees in summer and shoot up the temperature levels in winter.-to-make-your-bedroom-even-more-cozy.jpg
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